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Know your hair type before buying the wigs

by on Apr.20, 2013, under Journal

Simply knowing your natural hair type will help you achieve a new look in the best condition and buy the best custom lace wigs style for you.
The science of hair types
Think avatar is the most important breakthrough in 3-D? Consider this: The same kind of 3-D technology used in medicine to image and measure bone density is also used to study how the hair fibers multiple interactions. What the researchers discovered, says Thomas, is that different types of hair texture create different types of 3-D structures. This revelation is the head line of personalized products that can mean an end to bad hair days.

We now know that the same shampoo and conditioner and formulations that keep curly hair shiny and healthy ingredients will not give fine hair the body and volume it needs. Curly hair fibers form an intricate network that can act as a filter, trapping ingredients from shampoo and conditioners, which is necessary to prevent damage are products that reduce friction between strands.
Best lace wigs, on the other hand, fall into a parallel pattern that acts more like a funnel, so ingredients that moisturize and condition slip away rather than stick. The solution is a formula that helps repair these ingredients cling and stay.
Types of hair base hair almost all 98 percent falls into four different structures:
Fine hair has up to 50 percent less protein than thick hair, so it is fragile and tends to fall flat.

Medium thick can contain up to two times more cells than fine hair, making it more rigid and capable of absorbing up to 40 percent more moisture than fine hair, which can lead to frizz.
Curly hair has twists and turns that can cause the cuticle to lift and weaken, leaving the rough and difficult to control hair.
Colored hair wigs has been a structural change in the chemical process that makes more negatively charged than unprocessed hair that can mean hair that is rough, dull and vulnerable to damage.

Why hair type matters
Short black wigs formulated for your hair type will make styling easier, on the other hand, the wrong ingredients and formula will make you a losing war with your locks – struggling to get the style you want, frustrated when he does not hold. For example, as Thomas points out, thicker hair tends to be more likely than for hair frizz, so for mid-thick hair to hold a style throughout the day, ingredients that offer hair some resistance to humidity are extremely useful.

To keep fine hair from wilting midday, however, the preparation with a shampoo containing polymers increasing its cleaning power and allowing these fragile son to withstand the weight of accumulated scalp oils, dirt and residues style yesterday. Look for shampoos, conditioners and styling products that are specifically designed for your hair type, you will find your custom pharmacy shelves lines. If you can protect your own hair, you can buy more cheap wigs to change your look in your dream.

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Choose to suitable type of wigs for yourself

by on Apr.12, 2013, under Journal

Wigs are worn to cover the hair loss, but you will also find many people who are like style wigs to change their appearance exactly the same way they change their clothes. Then again, some girls who spend permed hair to organic short black wigs as a protective when other people put on them in the context of religious practice. Whatever the goal, it’s true human hair wigs offer you essentially the most natural look and feel and allow more ease in style synthetic wigs, so for many people, they are preferred choice of wig.
While real lace wigs are not surprisingly all products with human hair, which is usually the resemblance stops there. There are several functions that effect to the hair quality of your wig you get and also the price you spend.
Virgin or processed
Unless hair is labeled “virgin”, it is easy to assume that it has undergone various treatments. Most human hair used for making wigs comes from China, India and Indonesia. Generally, it was more his natural pigment dyed then removed to an array of hair colors that can adapt to a range of clients.

Bella Thorne Hair

Often, he also had removed the hair cuticle to help reduce tangling. Without requiring the cuticle, that being said, it is really weak, so it can then be used for finishing synthetic strengthened. Ultimately, it is often permed to achieve the appearance of different hair textures.
Although this amount of treatment, the hair still provides the look and feel of organic human hair. This may be reduced and essentially the most stylish as you want. And to top it all the buyers, it is on the market at a price tag of economics. The hair can be totally unprocessed, which is “virgin” is not surprising in its completely natural, but it also leaves fewer opportunities in terms of color and texture.
Remy hair is hair that has been collected so that the natural direction of the hair growth is preserved. In other words, all the bristles of a collection are located inside the same way to ensure that the individual shingles as hair cuticles do not get caught up in one another. This results in much less confusion. Remy hair is also exceptionally durable and shiny. You can easily expect to pay a higher price for remy hair, but you may be able to find enough it becomes well worth it.
The term “yaki” identifies varieties which have undergone a hair texturing so it looks like the curls various reasons mostly related to African American hair. Be subtle texturing to make sure it appears as the hair that has been relaxed, or texturing can be much more defined so that the curl pattern that profit is anywhere from waves turns tight. Yaki treatment tends to make for girls with any natural curl pattern have the choice of wearing silky straight lace wigs made from human hair that looks pretty tied to theirs.

Wig wearers real benefits in the real as human hair lace front wigs in the service is not all the same. This implies that more men and women can get wigs that person taste as close to “the real thing” as you can.

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