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Five hair extension woes wiped out with simplicity

by on Jul.01, 2013, under Journal

Simplicity hair extensions, a patented new system of hair extensions from Tress allure, are designed to create comfort and cut cost. Simplicity, looked into the top five client complaints surrounding the hair extension process, and then set about solving them:
Common complaint #1:
The head-jarring process of applying most extensions, and the often wince-worthy weaves that keep them fastened, leave clients needing an aspirin just to wear their hair!
Solution: Simplicity Hair Extensions — which utilize a patented, new comfort-grip adhesive strip — sidestep the sore by fastening flat to the client’s natural locks, leaving the need for pill-popping in the dust.
Common complaint #2:
Hair extensions may be easy on the eyes, but they aren’t as easy on the wallet. Old hair extension systems cost your clients up to $2,500 for just one application.
Solution: With Simplicity you can get away with charging literally thousands of dollars less, while still pulling a profit.
Common complaint #3:
No busy client relishes the two hours typical of the hair extensions application process.
Solution: Applied by a professional, Simplicity takes less than 60 minutes.
Common complaint #4:
Yikes! Removing the hair extensions of old was a pretty painful process, involving plenty of pulling and pinching.
Solution: Simplicity sidesteps the issue by utilizing a gentle remover and your own tail comb to easily detach each extension and then slip it off the end of the natural hair.
Common complaint #5:
Perhaps the biggest client complaint about hair extensions is that they can look totally faux, which is so not hot.
Solution: With Simplicity Hair Extensions, quality is never, ever compromised. All 26 colors, three textures, and two styles are made of the highest quality, Indian Remi hair, for a fit that couldn’t look less fake.

Before Simplicity Extensions:


After Simplicity Extensions:


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Lace wigs for black women gain a reputation

by on Apr.23, 2013, under Journal

Stars glamor consist of and Tyra financial institutions withdrew their weaving braids and began galloping trend is the electrification of the nation. Wigs are durable, made for long term use, and most importantly, undetectable to adhere to the user using a thin sticky substance that is used near the hairline, making the illusion how the braids only increases using the scalp of the wearer. It is normal to shower, swim, sleep, as well as put on a good purpose.

Consumers who have sworn off their braids and weaves jumped into the train input tapes include perspectives pursuers to perform this operation:
Real human  lace  wigs are virtually invisible. Weaves need their carriers to combine hair extensions with their natural and organic hair. Poorly mixed weaves may possibly be unsightly and embarrassing.  Lace wigs do not have this problem. Natural and organic curly hair of the user is usually corn rowed or pulled into a ponytail, the wig is positioned on top.  Near the front portion of the wig is made of a clear and similar skin material which disappears when stuck in the direction of the hairline of the wearer. When you put on a wig tape input, there is no braids or tracks that can possibly be seen by other embarrassing.

Lace wigs are soft entrance near the hair organic production of the user. Frizzy hair weaves are usually bound with glue, which could trigger a break and drying. The glue is difficult to remove. Lace wigs only need only a small amount of glue to appear to be firmly linked in the direction of the wearer’s head. This adhesive does not usually make contact with authentic hair, which may explain why it is a good safer than conventional glue frizzy hair offers.
Wigs are versatile. Lace wigs versatility of style most women dream of. Contemplating it is not sewn in a certain stationary braided or glued to the hair of organic farming, it could be separated, driven right into a ponytail on the best belonging to a carrier head and brushing without fear of damaging the hair. Their versatility makes them a hair styling merchandise belonging to that future.

Lace wigs may possibly be fixed quickly at home. Probably the most classic complaints curly hair weaves affect their prices also delivering to the period of time required to complete. Full lace wigs are custom made and well delivered to the user. They can potentially be used in twenty minutes or less, more optimal visual element they almost every time they are worn. Even if they are able to deliver a great offer price as $ 500, they are still much more affordable than most curly hair weaves, and they are reusable.

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