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How to correct clip in human hair extensions

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Human hair extensions can be applied using a variety of different methods, but sewing the weave to cornrowed hair is one of the most common methods.Clip in hair extensions may be a great option for someone desiring a temporary way to change the length, texture and fullness of her hair. Clip in human hair extensions are created on a machine or hand-tied weft known as a track. The track is sewn onto cornrows created with the natural hair.

  • Wash, condition, detangle and blow dry your natural hair.
  • Decide what type of style you want achieve with the extensions. This must be decided beforehand so you can leave some natural hair to cover the extensions with.
  • Separate the natural hair that will be used to cover the extensions with and pin it out of the way. Hair from around the edges or crown of the head is typically used.
  • Braid the remainder of the natural hair in a continuous cornrow, or braid several cornrows going from the front to the back. Make sure the cornrows are thin and lay flat against the scalp. Secure the end of the cornrow to the head with a bobby pin, if necessary.
  • Place the track extension on top of the cornrow braid to make sure it is the right size. Cut the track to size if necessary.
  • Sew the track extension onto the cornrow using a curved hair-weaving needle and heavy hair-weaving thread that matches the color of the extension. Go over the track extension at least twice with the needle and thread to be sure that it is secure, then cut the excess thread with scissors.
  • Repeat Steps 5 and 6 until the whole head has been covered with track extensions.
  • Cover the track extensions with the human hair you left out — making sure none of the tracks are visible. Style the extensions as desired.

Human hair extensions can be washed, dried, curled and cared for just as you would care for natural hair.
Clip in track extensions can last up to two months before needing to be done over.
Wash the extensions and your scalp every 7 to 14 days to remove dirt and product build-up.
Avoid braiding the cornrows too tight to prevent the natural hair from breaking off.

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There is a great opportunity to help you growing your hair

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In addition, you can add color to your hair without damaging your style.Yes, as long as you can find the right way to look great keep.You a little bored with the look of colored extensions to add and remove only them! If your hair is in poor condition, is strong enough to take the time to braid your hair stylist to determine if the weight of clip in human hair extensions can be. If you then extremely fragile or thinning hair stylist may advise against moving forward, but if you only have a few split ends, then it must be good, but always check with the pros. Indeed, after a split if there is little damage to hair extensions and hair to cover damage caused by heat styling is a great way to give you a chance to save the ends.

Mira Sorvino Hair
Extensions at the ends of damaged vessels and previously mentioned leave you with some beautiful hair.As shiny and healthy, extensions, styles, and you’ll get a break from the heat clip style directly in hair extensions are a great and hair. Many people grow their own hair and hair extensions that you removed is actually in better condition than before, it is a great opportunity to find out, but probably a little too grown up is a sign the health of hair and skin! Stacked volume to your hair by adding extensions to give extra body is missing, so why not lend a hand! So turn up the volume with the volume of hair extensions to the hair style can be very difficult if it is missing.
Hair extensions also opens the door to a new range of style facilities.
You’re down, and a variety of styles, new hair as much as you can. Changing the appearance of new hair as much as you want, it would not be disagreeable! The great thing about full lace wigs with bleached knots is that they are permanent. Colors and watch your extensions can be deleted or modified, or simply want to change the way they do not like the cuts on the contrary, everything that can go wrong. And properly installed and well then, never looked at the damage to your own real hair extensions braid. You just go to a salon and provide all known Be sure to follow the advice of the face. Followed by Let it, your hair looks good, you feel good! A new opportunity to make off with the hair extensions you want show.You can not believe that it is true and it will not stop barrage of compliments!

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